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“you play the last chord, get your guitar, round up your bags and run.”

In 1 on February 28, 2010 at 9:25 pm

I was happy to hear this little piece of news today from AtR81 on Twitter (who is so graciously keeping me up to date on Bobby news when I find myself away from the Twitter world). She passed along this link to Station Magazine In it is an article about our dear Bobby Long. If you follow the link to the site, click on Issue #3. It’s on page 19.

While you can see some great pics of Bobby here, unfortunately you can’t actually read the article very well in that tiny print. What you’ll need to do is click on the Downloads link on the left side of the page. When you click on Issue #3 it will begin to download and then you can scroll through to the article.

You can also scroll down a little ways on the downloads page and there is a section where you can hear Bobby’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “To Ramona”, which he recorded just for Station Mag. You can also follow the instructions there to download the mp3. I did, of course!

It is a great article that speaks volumes about Bobby, his talent, and his personality. All of which make him the musician I love so much!


on the ninth cloud

In 1 on February 28, 2010 at 5:55 pm

via SteeveeGee, Flikr

The song, Cloud Nine, is a wonderful song by Ben Howard. I could (and have) listen to it over and over. I find the lyrics to be comforting.

Cloud Nine by Ben Howard Lyrics:

Shadows on the water
from a memory, in times and sight
and the last time I saw you happier
then not seein’ you, not seein’ you in a long while

All these faces, oh how they adore you
with every blessing, every strength of a storm
And it seems to me it all worked out so different
funny how distance and time, you don’t change at all

So may your worries, may your worries never fall too loud
May you stay here, may you stay here
happy in your own skin, on the ninth cloud

Oh, to every warning
where these ships had passed through, years before
Bolder now, than a brand new morning
the sun on your face, the bruise and the breaks of these careless arms

So hold your body, hold your body strong in these winds of life
May I find you, may we sit together when we’re gray and old, on cloud nine

This life’ll move you with every step outside
it’s alright, it’s alright my arms are open wide for you
This life’ll move you as graceful as a tide
oh it’s alright it’s alright, loosen the fears that bind you, loosen the fears that bind you

As hard as I tried, I could not find a live performance of this song by Ben, but you can listen to it here:

And enjoy some beautiful photos of clouds. Hope you all find yourself on your own cloud nine…..

via Denis Collette, Flikr

via Olcol, Flikr

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the anglo files; “naughty boys & rumpy pumpy”

In 1 on February 27, 2010 at 2:26 pm

My newest Anglophile find is this book, The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British. So far, I am finding it to be very interesting and very funny. I have a feeling it will get me off to a nice start as I delve into the mysterious life of the British.  I am going to share some of the things I learn as I read on through it.

The first chapter is Naughty Boys and Rumpy-Pumpy. So what did I learn? Let me just tell you…

1. They seriously are lacking in the sex education department over there.

2. Very curious, and disturbing, things take place at those boarding schools for boys

3.  Some fun terms for having sex? shagging, bonking, and having it off. My personal favorite is bonking.

4. Those Britons have a love of buttocks and spanking, or “smacking”.

5. Some more euphemisms? “private parts” for genitals, “willies” for penises, “front bottom” for the dread vagina, “naughty bits” for the whole package (unless you are talking specifically about a man’s whole package, and they you can say “dangly bits”. (Quoted from the book, page 16.)

6. There are many innuendos to to homosexuality and cross-dressing for the men doesn’t sound like it’s that uncommon.

After taking all that in (no pun intended), is anyone else thinking of the “Sex Education” scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life?? Oh vaginal juices….I’m laughing just thinking about this scene.

wishing things for spring

In 1 on February 26, 2010 at 8:11 pm

I have had spring on the mind as of late. And I have especially been thinking of a few special things that are on my “spring wish list”.  Such as…

This adorable tote bag, from Sarah Blank. I don’t even know if it’s for sale, but if so, I just must have it! I am addicted to totes!

I’d love to own pretty much all of the Toms shoes for women. I had my doubts about the style of these shoes until my sister received a pair as a gift. I am now jealous and would like a pair (or several!) of my own. Also, it supports a great cause when you purchase a pair! Check out all the colors and styles here, and learn about the cause :

This gorgeous yellow All Seasons Shirtdress easily shouts “Spring!”. The color of the beautiful spring sunshine! I hope they have it in my size….

This silver coin toggle bracelet. Notice the flowers and antique style keys that I love so much on it?? I am a big fan of Lucky Brand Jewelry.

I haven’t decided on the exact pair I want, but I know I would like a cute pair of rain boots this year. Perhaps some Hunter Wellington’s??

From micassid via Flikr

And finally, a real picnic basket. I’ve never had one. I’ve always used a cooler or a brown bag. I love going on picnics. I cannot wait until it is warm enough for me to pack one full of delicious food, grab a blanket and a good book, and head to the park. Photo from Beth Teresi on Flikr:

My list is growing. These are just a few of the things on it. I hope to have at least one or two of them to call m own. Maybe I’ll make a wish on the first dandelion I see….

stepping in to spring; a dream

In 1 on February 25, 2010 at 9:23 pm

Via lesbru on Flikr (completely random sidenote: I badly want these shoes!)

I typically have very vivid dreams. This can be a good thing, or bad…. depending upon the dream. Last night, however, it was definitely a wonderful thing. In this dream, I woke up early in the morning when the sun was shining brightly. I stepped out into my backyard and suddenly, as if by magic, everything frozen and dead by winter began to come to life. In an instant, spring had arrived. I was excited an in awe. I felt a camera in my hand.

I dashed off into the yard and was engulfed in colors so bright it did not seem real (which, of course, it wasn’t). Our backyard was completely transformed. Down the center of the yard was a bubbling brook. The water was a shimmering blue and perfectly clear.

Via grokstreet on Flikr

The left side of the lawn was a beautiful green field that seem to go on as far as I could see. The sky was as blue as the ocean with big, fluffy cumulus clouds dotting it. I could feel the warm sun beaming down.

Via nearsky on Flikr

As stunning as the field was, it was the right side of the yard that truly caught my attention. It was completely filled by thousands of orange and yellow marigolds. I was desperate to photographs of all the beauty surrounding me. As I walked over to take a photo of them, hundreds of delicate orange and black butterflies flew out from the flowers. I franticly began trying to take photographs of them but they were swirling around so quickly. I heard laughing in the distance, turned, and saw my family smiling and laughing at me from the porch. When I turned my attention back to the flowers, one lone butterfly settled on the sleeve of my shirt. I slowly aimed my camera and took a close-up photo that captured every detail of the butterfly’s wings.

Via tanakawho on Flikr

In the same instant I took the photo, everything began to swirl around me. All I could see were colors jumbling together. When things finally stilled, the yard was back to the bare, cold state of winter.

a photo of our backyard in winter

What does all of this mean? I am not sure. Someone who analyzes dream could likely have a field day with it; that the type of flower means something, that spring represents a certain mindset….Perhaps they do. But I think it simply shows my love of spring and the beauty that it brings. The colors, the plants, the life, my fascination of nature. The happiness these things bring me. How much I attempt in real life to capture amazing things with my camera,to keep that moment. I think it shows how my family is there with me in the experiences that bring me joy. And maybe, just maybe, it reveals my frustrationwith winter; its bitter cold and snow. It uncovers how anxious I am for winter to pack up her bags. I’ve had some good times with her while she’s been here. Some bad times too. I’m ready for her to be on her way and make room for spring, whose very presences makes life a little better.

confessions of a bibliophile: february

In 1 on February 24, 2010 at 8:26 pm

“Fiction reveals truth reality obscures.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The plan:  to write about books I read each month. A lot has been going on in this past month for me with my job change. My time devoted to reading during the day has been cut in half ( I’m still getting over this heartbreak). Therefore, I am not able to enjoy as many books as frequently as I’d like to. So,  for now, this will be for the books I’ve read so far in 2010. Hopefully things will calm down after this first month on the job when I settle in to my new schedule. Anyway, on to the books! (Oh, and a word of warning: there is no method to my madness when it comes to selecting books. Some are young adult, some biographies, some truly depends on my mood. But I do so love my series books!)

1. Deception Point by Dan Brown. I started reading this book a few years back and never completed it. Reading the Lost Symbol a few weeks before reinvigorated my love of Dan Brown books. I prefer the Robert Langdon character, but this one was pretty good as well. I didn’t feel like there was as much build up in this one, however.

2. Tempted by P.C. and Kristen Cast, book 6. I really enjoy the House of Night series. I got in to them after the Twilight series swept me up. Obviously, it too is a book about vampires, but the vamps in this series are completely different from those in Twilight. They are easy reads and just something to flip through for a fun time and some good laughs.

3. A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb. This novel is about a ghost that is being seen for the first time in 130 years by human eyes. It made me ponder things such as death and what it is we may or may not experience once we are gone.

4. Wake (book 1) and Fade (book 2). These books are about a young girl that gets pulled into the dreams of others and the chaos it causes in her life and in that of others. I will likely read the third book in the series just to complete it, but I probably wouldn’t recommend them.

5. The Hunger Games (book 1) and Chasing Fire (book 2) of the Hunger Games Series. The Hunger Games may be for “young adults” but I truly enjoyed these books and could not put them down. There is a lot of suspense in them. I love the characters and the way in which the story is told with so much humor, even though the plot itself is a sad one. I was very upset when I finished Chasing Fire and discovered I will have to wait until August for book 3 to come out!

6. Currently I am finishing up The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeanette Walls. It is a moving story and it really made me grateful for the childhood I had.

Those are it so far for 2010. Last year I read 56 books and I’m hoping to go beyond that this year. I have some great books lined up on the hold shelf for me at the library!

du buh du designs

In 1 on February 24, 2010 at 5:48 pm

I love the work of Christine Alvarado and her handmade Du Buh Du dolls. Ordinarily I don’t like dolls much. I had some growing up that I loved, but overall I think they’re a little creepy. These dolls, however, are beautiful and unique. Their faces are full of emotion, the fabric of their costumes are detailed and gorgeous, and the way she photographs them are stunning. You can view her website here :

These are just a handful of my favorite creations of hers. All images are directly from her site as all images are copyrighted.

in dreams awake

In 1 on February 23, 2010 at 10:53 pm

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”-Anais Nin

“We all chase after dreams. They help us fly when we are too small to go on airplanes. They help us fly when we’re not meant to. They help us to fly until we realize there is no string to hold on to. “-Pleu

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake”-Thoreau

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”-Thoreau

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”-Carl Jung

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”-Gloria Steinem

“Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth.”-Jean-Paul-Sartre

“…beautifully strange worlds and curious characters.”

In 1 on February 22, 2010 at 7:08 pm

I am completely smitten with Sarah Blank’s website and blog,

Her work is extremely beautiful, with a vintage feel. Her photographs are fabulous. I love the look and the gorgeous colors in them.  I have been admiring her lockets and tins from the Honeybee Stories. I want to own each and every piece of jewelry, wear each article of clothing, and immerse myself into each beautiful photograph.

Here are some photos of her amazing work (all images taken from her site):

the mystery of what they unlock…

In 1 on February 22, 2010 at 6:01 pm

I have always liked antique things. There is something so appealing (and a little spooky) about old things. Antique keys have always been something I’ve been fascinated with, specifically. Ever since I was a child I have been interested in them.Who owned them once upon a time? What did they open? One movie in particular ignited this odd fascination for me, Return to Oz.

There are two keys in this movie that I always wanted. The first being the old, dirty key to Oz. It is not the prettiest of keys, but nonetheless I wanted one! The second key was Mombi’s key. It was a gorgeous ruby red key, with a black ribbon. I absolutely fell in love with that key!

I also remember being intrigued by cabinets and doors that opened with skeleton keys. My grandma still has a china cabinet that opens with such keys. I can recall being little and sitting in front of it, locking and unlocking the cabinet doors with the little brass keys with the funny little fringe rope hanging from them.

Everytime I have been in an old home, or a historic one, I always look at the locks on the doors to see if they have the old-fashioned keyholes and keys. In my dream home (which I always refer to, but most likely will never live in), I am determined to have  doors and cabinets such as these. I have no space to speak of with my current living situation, but one day I would love to begin a collection of antique keys. I’m hoping when the weather begins to get warmer, I can look around at garage sales and flea markets and find some unique ones. Until then, I will just have to look at pretty photos of them…..

….and keep wishing that one day I will find a gorgeous ruby red one.


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