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..all day long you’ll have good luck

In 1 on March 31, 2010 at 7:57 pm

my photo, via *bien-aime*

“See a penny,

pick it up,

all day long you’ll have good luck!”

I may not actually have picked up a lucky penny, but I certainly feel as though I did! These past 24 hours have seemed full of good things! Maybe even a little luck!  How so? Let me tell you…

*I found out (thanks to Amy F.!) that I may be able to get my hands on tickets for Bobby Long’s show in Lansing, MI! Oh and it gets better…

*…and that I will (fingers crossed) finally get to attend a private show of his! [insert excited squeal here]

*When I arrived at work this morning, I was approved time off so I could travel to see Bobby’s show! (Which was great of my office manager, since I’m new and don’t technically have any time off…)

*My head still whirling from the Bobby-excitement, I then received a tweet (yes, I’m a twitter-nerd too!) from SAMaMGLOBAL that said despite the fact I didn’t win their bundle giveaway, they are still sending me a promo cd, just because!  For someone who never wins anything and hardly ever gets anything exciting in the mail, this is a HUGE deal in my world!

*It was an absolutely gorgeous and warm day here in Cincy, and I took full advantage by enjoying my lunch outside.

*To continue with my “luck”, it was an easy day at work. The phones barely rang, my work load was light-but enough to keep me busy, and at the end of the day I even had time to sit back, relax at my desk, and finish my latest book!

*Since I didn’t have to make dinner tonight (thanks Jeremy!) I had extra time to make a trip to the library and get my “fix”. I happily left with a few new books.

*And about that dinner…it was yummy grill out foods! I had a delicious cheese-filled hotdog and waffle fries! All of us had a dinner together for a change! Dessert? Strawberry Shortcake, my fav!

*Following dinner, Jeremy and I sat outside together on the porch and read our books. I started (and almost finished!) a new one!

*And now, here it is…going on 9 p.m. I have absolutely nothing else I need to do tonight. Not a thing. It’s nice just to have some free time to do whatever I want!

I realize that all, or most, of these things may seem ordinary or silly to others, but for me it made for a fabulous day, full of wonderful things! If only every day were this good!


going on a picnik…

In 1 on March 29, 2010 at 9:40 pm

MY photo, via Flickr

I have been having way too much fun the past few days uploading and editing photos!

I used the awesome editing site Picnik for many of them. I highly recommend visiting the site and having some fun with your own photos! I completely got lost in all the cool features and had taken no notice of the time passing while doing so! It really got my creative juices flowing and so…..

….I decided to create my own Flickr page as a place I can upload my photos that show my attempts at photography. I don’t claim to have any talent with a camera, but it brings me joy so I do it despite that fact.

My site name (for now, since I can’t really decide what I want to use) is amekins1.

I plan on adding many more using the site, so check back soon! I’ve started adding “sets” and I’ll be working on some more when I find the time here and there!

reuse, recycle, create

In 1 on March 28, 2010 at 3:21 pm

via psitsinthedetails

All of these wonderful things prove that so much can be recycled and then created into beautiful and useful new items. We can make so much that will result in wasting so little!

This recycled handmade paper would be great to use for writing letters, wrapping gifts, art projects, etc.!

This cute coffee cozy are a great idea instead of  using  paper sleeves (for those days I forget to bring my Copco Hot Beverage To Go Cup, of course!).

A reusable sandwich baggie would be perfect for me these days since I’ve had to start packing my lunches again…for the first time since high school!

I would love to have a Clear Thinking Lightbulb Vase! What a smart and pretty way to reuse something as simple as a lightbulb for things so beautiful!

A Plantable Tag is not only unique, it also creates gorgeous flowers when torn up and planted! I’d love to find one of these hanging on a gift

colour in a sea of grey

In 1 on March 25, 2010 at 7:17 pm


Today was a cloudy and rainy day. But in the sea of grey, there’s always some color to brighten even the gloomiest of days…..

Stephen Dagnall

Mike Clarke




one green star




eradicating music mediocrity

In 1 on March 24, 2010 at 7:49 pm

via mihol, Flickr

I enjoy hearing new artists and discovering new music styles, which is why I rarely listen to the radio.

If you’re looking for new music, that is not of the typical “mainstream” variety, here are a few sites that I love and I think are worth visiting:

Folk Radio UK is (obviously) based out of the UK. They feature new artists that aren’t in the mainstream. The “Folk” part can be a little misleading; it is not just folk music, or even typical folk music. There are two different channels on the site: the Frukie Stream and the Celtic and Roots. The Frukie channel is Indie, Alternative, Experimental, Psychedelia and so on. the Celtic and Roots is Folk, Roots and contemporary singer/Songwriter. I enjoy them both pretty equally.

Pandora What could be better than a radio station that plays only the music you like? Pandora lets you choose your own stations based on your musical tastes. For example, some of my “stations” are Elliott Smith Radio, Van Morrison Radio, Patty Griffin Radio, and Lily Allen Radio. Not only is it great to be able to hear your favorite artists, but it introduces you to artists you may not be aware of that have similar styles.

Cadence Revolution is a free weekly podcast that offers a full hour of great songs by indie artists for your workouts. Many of the songs have links for free downloads. If I’m on the treadmill or out for a run alone, I like to have some music to make my workouts more bearable. This site is also awesome because it also includes free workouts with songs that go along with it. Anything to make exercise fun is a plus! On this site, you can get in shape and find new music!

ThinkIndie (their site states it so well: eradicating music mediocrity!) and  Daytrotter are both great Indie sites as well for listening, downloading, and sharing.

If you’re on Facebook, becoming a fan of itunes is also a good idea. I have so much free music in my itunes library thanks to their free samplers.

Happy Hump Day!

a birthday that should have been

In 1 on March 22, 2010 at 6:21 pm

♥hope you’re happy up above

Today would have been my dad’s 54th birthday. I have been thinking about him a lot through out the day. Mostly happy thoughts, but also how unfair life can be and how many more birthdays he should have seen.

He would have been looking forward to receiving  a hand-made card from my sister and I today. He always preferred home-made to store bought, and so we continued to lovingly make them by hand all the way up into our twenties…all the way up until his last birthday.

His favorite song for Laura and I to sing for him was always “If I Had a Hammer”. We even recorded the two of us singing it once for his birthday with the help of our elementary school music teacher. He loved it, despite our awful voices.

I hope where ever he is that he is at peace. His life will always be a reason to celebrate. I love you daddy. Happy Birthday!

This one’s for you, where ever you are:

food, inc.

In 1 on March 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

I literally just finished watching Food, Inc. The film makers were correct; I truly will never look at dinner the same way.

Food, Inc. delves into the secretive world of the food industry and sheds light on the things that we, as consumers, never see. It is not the most pleasant thing in the world to discover, but it’s important to know what you’re buying and, more importantly, putting into your body. We deserve to know what is happening to the animals and the products we are consuming and how it affects our health and the environment.

I highly suggest to anyone to watch this documentary. It is very eye-opening. I could go on and on about the things that happen, but is is something I think people need to see and hear for themselves.

There is so much we don’t realize that goes on in the food industry.

It is ridiculous that we are living in a world where it is cheaper to buy junk food than the good, healthy, natural food we’re suppose to be consuming.

Below is the trailer:

The site is extremely informative and worth checking out as well: Food,Inc.

one less paper cup in the landfill

In 1 on March 21, 2010 at 10:13 am

Copco has introduced new products  called the To Go Cups. They are the eco-friendly version of paper cups; and much more stylish! The short and sweet? When you use these products, one less paper cup goes into the landfill! They truly are making it easier and easier to go green these days!

While browsing around with my mom today for a bridal shower gift ( yes, for YOU Liz..if you’re reading this!), I saw a display area for them. Of course, I just had to get them, since I was there, and they were there, right?  On the display I saw (and I didn’t have much time to look elsewhere in the store) only two color choices, but online they have more pretty colors to choose from! Then again, pink and brown are colors I love, so I it worked out for me.

For my budget, which is admittedly a small one for things such as these, I found them to be a little pricey at $7.99 each. I only bought one each of the two types (that were in the store; there is one or two more versions on the site) of the To Go Cups.

The Mug and the  Tumbler

I already feel like I’m helping the planet and I haven’t even used them yet! But I am pretty eager to!

I will definitely go back and buy some more if some funds magically appear in my pocket this week after my spending splurge the past few days!

The Copco site has many more awesome products you can check out too!

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

the pleasure of reading and the love of nature

In 1 on March 20, 2010 at 10:25 am

Yes, I know. I’m kind of obsessed with books and nature. Therefore, this idea is utter perfection! Combining old, real books and turning them in to something both eco-friendly and beautiful? Yes, please!  The Honbachi Collection can be seen on the Mitsubai Tokyo website, and I’m hoping that link takes you to the translated page…unless you can read Japanese? It is also on the sceglierbio site. Another site that’s not in English, go figure.

But who really cares if you can read it anyway? They are just pretty to look at!

all images from Mitsubai Tokyo

happy friday!

In 1 on March 19, 2010 at 6:36 am

I was in a funk all last night, and I don’t want it to carry over into this day. I must think happy thoughts for the weekend. Let’s have a great Friday shall we? Some colorful things to brighten your day!

Pretty pastel nonpareils!

Beautiful Balloons!

Charming Chinese Lanterns!

Gorgeous Gumballs!

Chupa Chups!

Bright and Crazy Socks and Tights!

Delicious Cotton Candy!

Fabulous Flowers!

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"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."


"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."

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"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."

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"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."


"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."