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means more than others will ever know…

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Be forewarned…this is going to be a mix of happiness and sadness. And really I’m writing it more for me than anyone else, to be honest. So if you still care to read, continue…

I came across a blog post titled You May Say I’m a Dreamer from Fish Custard and it was such a great post to read. It was devoted to John Lennon and his influence on the writer. The parts that stood out for me were…

“Love was what John was all about – that one elusive emotion that has a different definition for everyone. Some say there are different kinds of love – love for family, love for friends, love for a significant other. What mattered to John, I think, was that we loved – period. He believed that love could cure the world, and this is why he was labelled a ‘hippie’.”

“…some may say John was a hippie and that he was just a Beatle; that he took drugs and sung about unrealistic ideals. These things are true – but there will always more to John than the image of what these people see; he means more to some than others will ever know.”

The Beatles’ music means more to me than others will ever know. I have always been a fan. It has been instilled in me from a very early age. My dad was a huge fan of theirs, and their music was the soundtrack of my childhood in many ways. Every single time I hear one of their songs I think of my dad. It was very difficult in the early days after he passed away, to the point that I simply could not listen to it with out bawling. With each year it gets easier, however, and now I find myself smiling. Sometimes when I hear a Beatles song in a very random place or at a random moment, I like to think that’s my dad’s way of letting me know he’s with me. Reading that blog post made me want to sit and spend some time tonight just thinking about him and all the great memories I have of him so that I’ll never forget.

Some songs stand out for me more than others…

Michelle– He always sang this song for my little my sister, whose middle name is Michelle.

And I Love Her-This song is amazingly beautiful and simple. It was my mom and dad’s wedding song. I distinctly remember this song playing the night before he passed away. I holds both memories of a happy time and sad one of marriage and death. It’s one of the hardest ones for me to hear still.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds- I still laugh remembering how my jaw dropped when my dad thought I was old enough to know what this song was really about 🙂

Here Comes The Sun- Not only does this remind of him, but it’s such a great song. It always makes me happy. Always. Sometimes I play it when I’m feeling down when nothing else is helping.

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Not only did he sing this often, but it also makes me think of our tv nights together watching Life Goes On. (Anyone remember that show??)

I could go on and on, but those are some that stand out and that I found myself listening to tonight. Whenever the weather was nice, I could count on him being up bright and early, working on something on the house, with Breakfast With The Beatles playing on a local radio station. I’d hear him singing it in the car. Such sweet memories. Thinking, talking, and writing about him helps me when the pain comes back and allows me to have a good cry, dry my tears, and smile back on better days.

All photo credit in post goes to Dan Shearn’s photo stream on Flickr.


we’re all just kind of winging it

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While at Borders a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a book in the photography section titled, Postsecret. I had never heard of these books before, but now I feel the need to own them all. I could have sat down in the book store and read every one on the shelf.

The basic idea behind these books is that people use a postcard to reveal their “secrets”.  Some are ones we could all relate to, some are just plain hilarious, and some truly make you want to cry.

There’s something about reading the secrets of others that I find fascinating. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Regardless, it makes me realize how much we all have in common. We all have our hopes, dreams, fears, and pain. And we all struggle to accept these. We all are “just kind of winging it”.

I wonder what my own Postsecrets would be? That may be a post for a day when I’m feeling more daring. Until then, I suggest checking out the site in the links above…or just take a look at these photos:

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"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."


"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."

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"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."

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"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."


"I don't know myself sometimes & when it gets to Sunday the cloudiness starts all over again."